What is a Certified Professional Organizer?


A Certified Professional Organizer receives certification by meeting specific standards, working 1500 client hours in 3 years, acquiring the knowledge and experience through client interaction, and through final examination The certification program recognizes and raises industry standards, practices and ethics.

What does a Professional Organizer do? 


There are Professional Organizers that specialize in different areas including: home organizingmoving, paper management, bill organizing, file systems, chronic disorganization, time management, event planning, goal setting, project management, and more. They help guide the client toward a more efficient, organized lifestyle. The organizer does this through hands-on assistance, publications, phone or email consulting, and more.


Why should someone hire a Professional Organizer? 


If you've tried and tried to get organized and can't seem to, wouldn't it seem logical to hire someone that is good at what you're trying to accomplish. People hire trainers to help them with their physique, accountants to help them with their finances, consultants to help them with situations at work, and painters to paint their house. Hiring a Professional Organizer will get you going on getting organized and teach you systems on how to stay organized so you can enjoy your life.


How does Sunflower Strategies charge? 


Sunflower StrategiesTM charges by the hour with a free 30-45 minute initial consultation. This includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Does the Professional Organizer work alone or with the client?


This depends on whether the client chooses "The Organizer and Me Track" or "The Busy Professional Track". With The Organizer and Me Track, the organizer works alongside the client transferring organizing skills to the client to help them stay organized. With The Busy Professional Track, a team of organizers work at client's home (while client is elsewhere). Organizers place possible donation items and possible disposable items in sections awaiting client approval. The Professional Organizer is there to improve the quality of life on either track.


How long does an organizing job take?


This depends on many different factors. Each organizing job is a custom situation. Variables include the size of the room(s) and how many items or boxes are in the room(s), how quickly the owner makes decisions, and if it's paperwork versus items. Example of this would be that three sweaters stack into the same size area as 300 pieces of paper! The organizers work as quickly as possible.


What about items being donated?


As the client and organizer declutter and purge unused and unloved items, they will be keeping a checklist of what items are going into the donation bags. Unless the client has a specific place they want to take the donations, the organizer will take the donations to Goodwill and other charities where a receipt will be issued and returned to the client.


What is NAPO?


NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers, was founded in 1985 and is dedicated to the field of organizing. NAPO defines quality standards and provides education for its members, ensuring the highest level of excellence and professionalism. NAPO provides its members with quality education, exposure to cutting edge trends in organizing, the latest product knowledge and access to top organizing industry manufacturers.


What are common concerns of clients?


Initially, it is sometimes difficult for the client to let someone else see 'their mess', but the client quickly sees the benefits of hiring the Professional Organizer. Clients can be assured that organizers see clutter, big and small, on a daily basis and are not there to judge. Both the organizer and the client enjoy the accomplishments of a newly organized home or office.


Another concern of the clients is that the organizer will make them throw things away. A client's possessions are just that - the client's possessions. The organizers do not make the client throw things away and the organizers would never throw away anything without specific permission. Many times, it is just as much the use of space organization as it is decluttering. Getting organized is not just throwing things out. Using space efficiently is the situation much of the time.


How long have you been in this business?


Sunflower Strategies has been in business since 2005 and the owner, Susan Wade, has been a member of the Golden Circle of NAPO since 2010. NAPO’s prestigious Golden Circle recognizes members who have attained an elevated level of experience. She was also on the Board of Directors of the NAPO Houston Chapter from 2009-2016, holding four different positions. Susan is also a Certified Professional Organizer.


Do you bring the necessary supplies or do I purchase them?


The organizer will bring some basic supplies and will always try to use whatever is already available at your home. The organizer may suggest other organizing products that would make the organizing space more space efficient or functional. If approved by the client, the organizer will purchase (with no up charge) and be reimbursed by client.


What is the cancellation policy?


Cancellation of a scheduled appointment should be done prior to 48 hours of the date scheduled, whenever possible. 


How do you stay abreast of the latest organizing techniques and tools?


The owner attends the National Association of Professional Organizers conference every other year, returning with new ideas and knowledge of how to better help their clients. The owner also attends teleclasses to learn new ways and new organizing tools to make their clients' lives easier.


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